Metropolitan Medical

Anesthesia Accessories



Nerve Stimulator / Twitch Monitor

Compact design

Big, clearly arranged 4.4” display

Adjustable continuous measurement

Calibration mode for precise results

Various stimulation modes

TOF, PTC, TET, DBS, Single Twitch

Connection to patient monitors



Conveniently moves cords and hoses as you move your equipment.

Eliminates the need to stop monitoring the patient to clear a wheel obstruction.

Superior one-piece design makes this the most convenient wheel guard device available without parts to lose or adjust.

Cable Jacketz

Cable Jacketz

Eliminates trip hazards created by a tangled web of cables, hoses, and cords.

Materials are antibacterial/microbial resistant, therefore, contributing to infection control.

Available in custom-sized lengths and diameters to accommodate for each operating room’s specific set-up.



Reduce operating costs

Reduce both energy use and wear on your WAGD system by up to 80%

Cut vacuum runtime in half

Significantly increase vacuum pump life

Typically 1-2 year investment payback

Anesthesia machine agnostic

Can be used on future anesthesia machines

Eliminate disconnecting anesthesia machine at the end of the day