Metropolitan Medical

Anesthetic Vaporizers

GE Tec 6 Plus / Tec 7 / Tec 850

A modern anesthetic device for “out-of-circuit” use in continuous flow techniques of inhalation anesthesia. Built-in pressure- and temperature-compensated capabilities. It provides ample performance and convenience benefits combined with top-notch safety features to enhance the clinical management of volatile anesthetic agents utilized in continuous flow techniques.

The new Tec 850 combines clinical performance with ergonomic design to help you efficiently deliver anesthesia for every patient. Enhanced design delivers consistent, reliable operation while reducing overall operating costs.

Drager 19.1

The most precise delivery of anesthetic agents over a 300 mL to 15 L flow range, providing excellent reliability.

Spacelabs BleaseDatum

The BleaseDatum vaporizers offer unmatched performance, including a 10-year warranty, no required maintenance, and proven output stability over a wide range of conditions.