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Drager Fabius MRI

Drager Fabius MRI


For use in modern MRI environments

Compact, convenient breathing system thats ergonomically designed for optimal positioning

Customized design for flexibility and ease of use

Ready for IT-integration

Low-flow ventilation

Electronic vertical flow controls and electronic fresh gas flow indicators

Intelligent cable management for reduced clutter and easier patient transfer

Professionally Refurbished

Because every facility has its own challenges, the Drager Fabius MRI comes with an open, modular architecture. This allows customization to suit your needs.

It comes with a powerful and accurate E-vent piston ventilator that delivers ICU-like ventilation performance without drive gas. Volume control, pressure control, pressure support (PS) and SIMV/PS – all major ventilation modes can be supported with the Fabius MRI.

It also comes standard with an integrated, high contrast color monitor (larger than the standard Fabius GS) that displays vital ventilation parameters and curves in real time, as well as continuous monitoring during transport and automatic reconfiguration of site specific parameters with Dräger’s innovative Infinity Docking Stations (IDS); virtual flow tubes that show individual gas flows; and, a mechanical tube that shows the total gas flow, which is displayed even in the unlikely event of power failure.

With all this, plus a new, highly maneuverable trolley featuring a convenient central brake for quick and easy workstation positioning, the Fabius MRI is a logical choice for modern MRI environment anesthetic needs.