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GE CS2 Series

GE Aisys CS2

GE Aisys CS2

15″ full color display, utilizing surface acoustic wave touch screen technology

Breath-by-breath patient spirometry displays for airway pressure, flow, volume, compliance, PEEP and airway resistance measured at the patient’s airway

Advanced ventilation capabilities, from neonates to adults

Specifically designed for low-flow to help provide fast gas kinetics for rapid wash-in and wash-out of anesthetic agent

One-year warranty

Professionally Refurbished

Enhanced with the ultra-compact CARESCAPE Respiratory Modules for comprehensive airway gas analysis of your patients

Displays breath by breath patient spirometry for airway pressure, flow, volume, compliance, PEEP and airway resistance measured at the patient’s airway

Simplified workflow for fast agent, oxygen and fresh gas flow adjustments

Auto alarm limits to help you optimize alarm management for each patient

Wide range of ventilation modes, from PCV, PSVPro, SIMV, and many more, designed to help support spontaneously breathing patients

GE Avance CS2

GE Avance CS2

Smartvent 7900 ventilator

Sophisticated SIMV ventilation

PCV, PCV-VG, and PSVPro modes

Electronics Gas Mixing

Advanced Breathing System (ABS)

Information management

Professionally Refurbished

The GE Avance CS2 anesthesia machine offers GE’s unique approach to perioperative solutions – close and continuous collaboration with clinicians. Clinicians will benefit from the compact, integrated design that features advanced anesthesia delivery and the very best in anesthesia patient monitoring.

The GE Avance CS2 provides sophisticated ventilation capabilities with the 7900 SmartVent Ventilator, helping clinicians meet the needs of the full patient range. Expanded clinical capabilities for spontaneously breathing patients include SIMV and PSVPro.

The integrated ABS breathing system enables easy on / off capability, facilitating easier cleaning and reduced maintenance time; ease of disassembly and cleaning; and complete detection of the ABS utilizing integrated electronics. The integrated design of the ABS enhances the system’s elegance by minimizing tube connections and circuit volume, while increasing the work surface area.