Metropolitan Medical

GE Aestiva MRI

GE Aestiva MRI


Validated for use in MRI environments up to 300 Gauss, active shielded 1.5T and 3T magnets

Physically integrated magnetic field strength monitor (Gauss Alarm)

Low overall height

For use in both the MRI suite and surgical OR

Professionally Refurbished

Superior ventilation: 7900 SmartVent™

Volume Mode, Pressure Control Mode, Pressure Support

(PSVPro®), Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory

Ventilation (SIMV), electronic PEEP

Tidal volume compensation

One motion from mechanical to manual mode

Two key presses to total standby: end case

Cardiac bypass case mode

Innovative patient breathing system

Eight integrated machine hoses/cables

“No tools” disassembly of components

Autoclavable and latex-free

Responsive location of common gas outlet

Improved low flow/reduced life cycle costs

Fresh gas flow compensation—automatically

Smooth, fast acting fresh gas flow control

Minimum O2 flow of 50 mL

Dual air flow tube for resolution of low flows