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Tesla M3 MRI

Tesla M3 MRI


15″ touch screen, Resolution: 1024×768

Integrated power supply and battery operation for 6.5 hours

Unparalleled Configurability

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The MRI monitor Tesla M3 was specifically developed for the monitoring of vital functions during MRI examinations. The modular system allows you to configure your MRI-compatible monitor to your specific requirements, and is upgradeable to match new clinical needs:

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Pulse oximetry (SpO2)

Non invasive blood pressure (NIBP)

Invasive blood pressure (IBP)


Respiratory rate

Oxygen (O2)

Anaesthetic gases

We are excited to offer the Tesla M3 as a standalone patient monitor, or bundled with our professionally refurbished Drager Fabius MRI anesthesia machine, which allows for wireless recording of ventilation data through the Tesla M3 for EMR.