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GE Carescape Series

GE Carescape B850

GE Carescape B850

Advanced algorithms for greater accuracy


12 SL diagnostic ECG with direct 2-way MUSE communication

High-definition visualization of patient data

Auto View on Alarm (AVOA)

Displays up to 14 waveforms and 22 parameter boxes depending on needs

Dedicated software and parameters for the OR, PACU, CCU, NICU and ED care

Professionally Refurbished

The GE Carescape B850 patient monitor is a clinically advanced and highly configurable monitor, and offers the highest level of monitoring excellence, reliable results, and comprehensive set of parameters for perioperative and critical areas of care.

Designed for NICU, Cardiac/Intensive Care, OR, and PACU, the GE Carescape B850 patient monitor features many advanced technologies, including:

Customized alarms

Intuitive user interface

Scalable, flexible design

Dependable levels of data continuity and integration across multiple care areas

Comprehensive parameters for seamless integration and faster, better-informed decision-making

GE Carescape B650

GE Carescape B650

Standard configuration includes:







Cardiac Output

Professionally Refurbished

The efficient GE Carescape B650 patient monitor features an ergonomic design, along with configurability, a user-friendly interface, outstanding parameters and seamless integration. In addition, this advanced monitor was developed with the tools to meet the needs of CCU, PACU, NICU, and lower-acuity ICU and OR patients.

Top features of the GE Carescape B650 patient monitor include configurable 15-inch display with pivotal frame; the ability to transition patients easily, from high to low acuity; exceptional alarm functionality; and, scalable technology.

GE Carescape B450

GE Carescape B450

Built on open standards

Portable, perfect for surgery centers

Integrates with Carescape ONE and PDM

Can be used with additional E-module

Monitor patients with diverse acuities

Wired and wireless connectivity

Professionally Refurbished

This multi-parameter patient monitor is designed for powerful performance. Its small, rugged monitor can be used for a wide range of patients, from pediatrics to adults, and features an intuitive, user-friendly interface and a crystal clear display. This monitor also features enhanced networking capabilities, providing the advanced patient data you need for better informed decision making in a wide range of settings.

While in Combination Mode, the Carescape B450 patient monitor can display ApexPro telemetry waveforms right alongside other vital signs—without the inconvenience of disconnecting and reconnecting the patient to telemetry. And while in Rover Combo Mode, the same information can be viewed on the go—helping to address capacity issues by creating a virtual bed.