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GE / Datex-Ohmeda

GE S/5

GE S/5





5-Agent Gas


Available in M Series and E Series modules

Professionally Refurbished

Numerous Product Options and Accessories for Flexible Configuration

Features include:

Four display options with integrated monitor controls: 15” or 17” hi-resolution color video display and 10.4” or 15” flat panel color LCD display

Support for up to 8 waveforms on-screen

Support for user-configurable second and third screen with different waveform and numerical information

Anesthesia dedicated alarm system

10-minute graphical mini trends referenced to set alarm limits

Automatic alarm limits function

Six user-configurable modes and specific cardiac bypass mode

24-hour numerical and graphical trends

Easy insertion/removal of plug-in parameter modules without interrupting other monitoring

One-year warranty

GE Cardiocap/5

GE Cardiocap/5


ECG 5-lead with ST analysis

Impedance respiration

Pulse oximetry (SpO2)



Tidal and Minute volume

Flow and compliance

Airway resistance and pressure

Professionally Refurbished

The GE Cardiocap/5 is a compact, all-in-one patient monitor designed for use in the operating room, ambulatory surgery unit, induction room and PACU. The Cardiocap/5 offers full vital signs monitoring capabilities from the monitoring of oxygenation and circulation to advanced airway gas analysis and ventilation measurement with Patient Spirometry.

The GE Cardiocap/5 patient monitor’s networking options extend the capabilities to centralized monitoring and arrhythmia analysis. The wide range of configurations allows you to choose the set of parameters, which will best suit your needs.